Swim with Humpbacked Whales in Tonga

swimming with humpbacked whales

Snorkel with Humpbacked Whales in the South Pacific Paradise of Kingdom of Tonga  August 2016

Each Southern Hemisphere winter (June – Sept)  humpbacked whales migrate to the warm tropical waters in the South Pacific.  While there, the females give birth and nurse their young while other whales spend their time courting and mating.

The males sing to attract mates and perform breaches and spyhopping. The mothers help their babies learn to breath air and dive.

swim with baby whales
You can be one of the very few people who have been in the water with these great mammals.

Scuba is not used – just a snorkel, fins, and a thin wetsuit or light floatation vest.

two humpbacked whales snorkel with whales trip Humpbacked whales swim humpbacked whales in South Pacific

Our Swim with Whales Trip Gives You 10 days on the open water with Humpbacks on a private sailboat charter

August  12 – 22 ,  2016
Limited to 4 guests  plus crew

Swim with and photograph whales on this 10 day live aboard adventure in the South Pacific paradise of Tonga during the height of humpbacked whale season. Just 4 guests will join your host Gregory Sweeney and the crew of the 53 ft catamaran Wild Life. The Wild Life’s owners David and Tris Sheen offer the finest hospitality and are some of the best humpback whale experts in Tonga promoting sustainable interaction. They know the patterns of the whales year to year and follow or exceed the interaction regulations protecting the whales and the whale watching industry.

As we sail through the stunning Ha’apai group snorkeling on pristine coral reefs and observing the whales, the catamaran provides a stable platform for photography and viewing whale activity or the peaceful surroundings. The boat has a sea level entry that is perfect for quick entry and exit for in water encounters. We may also encounter other marine mammals or manta rays. Those who have never been diving in the Pacific will be enraptured at the quality of the coral reefs. Even by Pacific Islands standards, Tonga is among the best and unspoiled. We will have time after whale watching to snorkel on reefs, but since this trip is centered on the Humpback whales and the boat does not stock many tanks, we will not be doing scuba.

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The sailboat will overnight in calm coves under the stars tucked in among the 62 islands of the Ha’apai. In between whale encounters the activities include visiting deserted isles with fruit bat colonies and white sand beaches, snorkeling on hard coral reefs, and looking for fish shoals and manta rays. The boat also has paddleboards and fishing. The food onboard is freshly prepared and plentiful. Fresh fruit and local vegetables are served alongside local proteins and fresh caught fish.



11 August

Arrive in Tonga to Tongatapu (TBU) from Auckland (AKL), Sydney (SYD) , or Fiji (NAN) You will need to over night. The Scenic Hotel is very close to the airport and is geared for travelers and business. www.scenichotels.co.nz

12 August

Morning flight from Tongatapu (TBU) , island of Nuku’alofa to the Ha’apai island group.

Morning pickup at the Ha’apai airport (HPA) in Pangai and take the short drive to the boat.

We will launch and travel through the Ha’apai group for the duration of the trip.

Our whale watching will start immediately as we head into the open waters.

13 August – 21 August

Daily whale watching starts early morning and lasts until sunset with breaks for meals and following the whales. We will also take time for some island exploring and reef snorkeling

22 August

The boat will drop us off in Pangai, Ha’apai and take us to the airport for our return flight to Tongatapu.

Most guests will need to travel via Auckland then on to Tonga

Contact us now to grab one of the limited number of spaces and get more information. Visit our website for More Information about our Swim with Humpback Whales Trip


This is a very unique and exclusive way to get the best interaction with Humpbacked Whales and wonderful opportunities to photograph and interact with them.

Please contact us for one of the few remaining spaces and to get details.