Favorite Moments from our 2nd Group Safari

Though I have been leading safaris for many years,  almost daily I see things that fascinate and thrill me:  I still get as excited to get out there as my first time guests.

After each safari I look back at my favorite moments: an unusual encounter, a very long or intimate view of an animal, or just something fun that happened.  I enjoy sharing these and their stories more than just the 4 and 5 star images.

My Favorite Photography Moments from the September 15th Safari 2016


Hippos, Elephants and Rhinos: The big herbavores





This was about the most dramatic hippo I have ever seen.  For two nights in a row we got to photograph his thrashing and display of dominance.  He was quite a frightening spectacle.  Now I think myself and the guests all have the definitive hippo image.




I love rhinos for all of their physical character: almost cute while being so large and imposing.  We found this white rhino on a foggy morning.  The setting is so different from my usual shots of rhinos on an open grassy plain. I love the silhouette and the full horn (a more rare sight these days since reserves cut them to deter poaching)


This shot sums up the many encounters with elephants we had: very close.  It is such an amazing experience to see, hear, and smell such a large and intelligent animal right next to our vehicles



This is a great time of year to watch and photograph elephant (an other animals) having a great time in the mud baths and watering holes.  This mother and calf have just loaded up with a layer of mud and are slipping and sliding their way out of the pit.


Big Cat Portraits.

If the last group had a theme is was cheetahs. We had many sightings in many different reserves.  This trip it was the whole range of big cats with some very close encounters where it was possible to get some intimate portraits showing character and the essence of life as a big cat.


A leopard relaxing in a favorite treeGS_150922_150928

An old and dominant male lion leading an evening hunt.  GS_150921_150928-5

Leopards were a bit more shy on this trip because a pride of lions under a new leader had moved into their territory.  Still we managed some close shots of a male relaxing in some brush cover. GS_150921_150928-4


A female lion stretches after a short nap. GS_150921_150928-2

This is the new leader of the pride. His face shows the struggle it took to get to the top.  He is smug now because he is busy mating with his new pride females.


Many of these images were taken with my 70 – 200mm lens :  A blog post about my favorite safari Lens

Encounters with rare animals, pretty scenes, and humorous moments


A hooded vulture is a more rare sight. This one is hoping to grab a scrap left by the wild dogs


Wild dogs make quick meals of their kills so I was lucky to get a few shots of this dog enjoying his take.


I love the shape and character of giraffes. This was a fun way to use an image shot in low light.


Ostrich are fast and you have to be ready with fast capture settings for your camera.

GS_150916_150928 GS_150916_150928-2

Elephants show so much personality that I have to include them in my favorite images.  It is entertaining to watch them gather food using skill and selectivity or enjoying a bath. They seems to almost dance at times and look to be enjoying moving in unusual ways.  This young elephant is being silly with his trunk and tusk.

Soon I will be announcing my 2017 safari dates.  2016 is nearly full.

Hope you can join me on a safari  – you dont have to be a photographer to have an unforgettable wildlife adventure.

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