Scuba with crocodiles in Chinchorro Mexico

Scuba with American Crocodiles in Chinchorro, Mexico

Crocodile in Mexico

I am offering a new trip in 2017

Photographing American Crocodiles at Banco Chinchorro, Quintana Roo, Mexico (Cancun area)

With Reef diving at Chinchorro

This is a place few people have been to and a chance to see and photograph pristine Caribbean reefs and also get close to the rare and endangered American Crocodile

Video Snorkeling with Crocs
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Chinchorro Atoll (Banco Chinchorro Biosphere Reserve) is the best place in the world to get close to American crocodiles. Located south of Cancun, Mexico and near the Belize border. The Banco Chinchorro Biosphere Reserve is the largest stand – alone reef in the Northern hemisphere and one of the healthiest. Currently only 1,928 hectares of the 144k hectares are zoned for diving and fewer than one thousand divers get to see these remote and unspoiled dive sites per year. It teems with fish and other sea life, and contains more than 100 shipwrecks as well as the largest population of American crocodiles found in the Americas.

Chinchorro Atoll photograph crocodiles in Mexico American Crocodiles in Chinchorro Mexico

This July, photographer host Gregory Sweeney and 6 guests will travel on a unique adventure to see American Crocodiles and dive these beautiful and remote reefs. This is a safe encounter with guides who have done years of experimentation and careful planning to make this safe. Our outfitter and guides in Xcalak were the first operator to organize croc encounters in Chinchorro and they remain the only dive operator with an official concession. They are committed to sustainable tourism and conservation.

On the Chinchorro Banks, we stay in utilitarian fishing shacks on stilts over the shallow waters in a lagoon surrounded by the reefs: 36 nautical miles off shore and across from Xcalak, Mexico.   (2 -4 hours boat ride)

photograph crocodiles in Mexico underwater photography Crocodiles rustic fishing hut Chinchorro Atoll

Each morning we dive and while taking in the pristine reefs and marine life, we hunt lionfish. There is a duo purpose in this; to help eliminate the invasive lionfish population and to get food to attract the crocs. Guests are also invited to participate in the spear fishing of the lionfish and will be equipped and taught the safest techniques.

This is a remote adventure at its best: The fisherman’s’ hunts have no wifi, cell phone, mobile services, no running water, only marine toilets, and 2 or more hours from shore. Guests sleep in hammocks in the huts and delicious food is prepared and cooked by our boat captains with the aide of a small generator and ice storage chests (all food must be transferred out with us). We also might have the chance to buy fresh catch from passing fishermen to make a special, though rustic feast.

At Chinchorro, we are surrounded by water and 700 American crocodiles and a few fishermen. We photograph the crocs when they show up at midday (after they warm up) in the 1.2m deep water around our huts. We are able to maintain a level of safety even when we are getting up close due to the experience of our guides. A safety diver and guide are nearby with a pole to ward off any advances from excited crocodiles. Generally they are extremely well behaved and tolerant of divers getting close.

When in Xcalak we have a chance to enjoy some diving on excellent reefs in the shallows and some deep walls covered in healthy sponges and large stands of black coral. Sometimes manatees are spotted on these reefs and there are several wrecks and plenty of large and small fish species.

photograph crocodiles in Mexico American Crocodiles in Mexico Photo trip Crocodile in Mexico

We start and end this adventure in the Cancun area which has its own fair share of exciting diving, whale sharks, cenotes, and Mayan ruins.

If ancient reptiles and remote adventure is calling to you, get more information on price and availability from Gregory Sweeney at


Trip Specifics


2 Days scuba diving (2 tank dives) in Xcalak in the Reef National Marine Park

3 days snorkel with crocodiles at Banco Chinchorro Biosphere Reserve

3 nights accommodation in Xcalak

3 nights accommodation in Chinchorro in rustic/ basic fishing huts

Morning dives at Banco Chinchorro Biosphere Reserve to gather invasive lionfish

Tanks, weights, dive master, guide at Chinchorro

All meals while at Chinchorro Atoll

Breakfast and Lunch while in Xcalak

Transfers to/from Cancun Airport ( or other location TBD – 6 hour journey)


All fishing huts are shared and we sleep in hammocks. A single room is available while we stay in Xcalak – before and after the Chinchorro portion.




July 2 Meet up in Cancun – Transfer to Xcalak – Hotel night 1
July 3 Two dives in Xcalak Reef National Park – private boat Hotel night 2
July 4 Transfer by boat to Chinchorro Day 1 Crocodile Encounter at Fishing Huts – 2 hour boat ride
July 5 Day 2 Crocodile Encounter – morning dives for lion fish – night 2 at Fishing Huts
July 6 Day 3 Crocodile Encounter – morning dives for lion fish – night 3 at Fishing Huts
July 7 Transfer back to Xcalak – reef diving, Xcalak hotel 3
July 8 Transfer back to Cancun area

Limited spaces – contact me with questions or to reserve your space