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Baja, Mexico Safari

November 9 – 17 2019

A Striped Marlin Hunting Frenzy with Shark Diving, and Mobula Rays by Night

Limited to 5 guests

The adventure starts in Cabo Pulmo National Park where protected marine habitat and pristine coral draws an enormous amount of tropical fish, seals, turtles, and more. Large schools of jacks are an awesome sight as the formation pulses and morphs before us. We do dives specifically for bull sharks who lurk and patrol on the scattered remains of ship wrecks.

After 2 days of diving, we transfer to La Paz where we do a dive unique to La Paz: a night dive with Mobula Rays. Plankton are drawn like a magnet to our lights and schools of rays come swooping in to dive down to feed in the sand. It is non-stop swirling action at night.

stripped marlin and sardines

On to Port San Carlos where Magdalena Bay is host to the largest stripped marlin migration in the world. We will be on our own boat from 7am to 4pm looking for sea birds who will point us to the epic hunting action going on underwater. The marlins hunt the sardines as do the sharks and seals. Under the surface will be a frenzy of action as marlin hunt in cooperation containing and maneuvering the bait balls. One by one they attack the sardines and take their meal. To conclude the trip we transfer back to La Paz for our return travels.

bull sharks at Cabo Pulmo


  • Nov 9 – Guess arrive Cabo transfer to Cabo Pulmo
  • Nov 10 – Shark dive, 2nd Dive
  • Nov 11 – Shark dive, 2nd Dive, Transfer to La Paz, night Mobula Dive
  • Nov 12 – Depart midday for Part San Carlos
  • Nov 13 – 16 – Stripped Marlin & Sardines (4 days)
  • Nov 17 – Transfer to La Paz Airport, Guests depart

Notes: Arrive on the 9th to San Jose Del Cabo Airport (SJD), Depart on the 17th from La Paz Airport (LAO) This trip combines Scuba Diving and Snorkeling in open water conditions

stripped marlin


(US)$ 3,700 per person Single Room


9 nights accommodation in Single Room (discount for sharing),

All Transfers between Cabo airport, Cabo Pulmo, La Paz, Port San Carlos, back to La Paz airport,

2 days of 2 tank diving in Cabo Pulmo, 1 night dive with mobula ray in la Paz

4 full days on boat for stripped marlin

Cabo Pulmo wreck
sea lions attack a baitball

This will be a real marine experience; be in the action with fast and elusive predators

email me at info@gregorysweeney.com to reserve your space!