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2015 Bahamas Tiger Beach Dive

Each year I charter the MVS Dolphin Dream for a week charter to Tiger Beach Bahamas in search of sharks and especially Tiger Sharks.

The crew is great and the shark action is always spectacular.  This year we had 4 -5 large tiger shark females on each dive and they didn’t seem shy of us at all as has happened in the past.  Of course the lemons were intimating and the caribbean reef sharks were picturesque as they slid through the water.

Tiger-beach-liveaboard-4 Tiger-beach-liveaboard-3 Tiger-beach-liveaboard-2 Tiger-beach-liveaboard-1 tiger shark dive bahamas-6

tiger shark smile
tiger shark smile

tiger shark dive bahamas-3

Caribbean reef shark poses over  a reef
Caribbean reef shark poses over a reef
a grouper is attracted by the action
a grouper is attracted by the action
Getting GoPro  shark action at the surface
Getting GoPro shark action at the surface
feeding at the surface
feeding at the surface



My charter for next year is March  5 – 16  2016 .  If you are interested, at this writing there is only 1 space left available.

Watch my website for announcements about the 2017 charter





2014 Tiger Shark Dive Expedition

photograph tiger sharks

Our Tiger Shark Dive was packed with sharks. Not to be ignored were the aggressive actions of lemon sharks, the smooth gliding of caribbean reef sharks,  spontaneous appearances by nurse sharks, and the pleasant surprise of a great hammerhead.

scuba cageless with sharks lemon shark at tiger beach

For many this was a first encounter with sharks . The weather brought good conditions and many sharks and everyone had some great photo opportunities.  The non photographers in the group also had a wonderful time and some excitement.  Some of the highlights were the night dives with sharks and the first sighting of a tiger shark. But it was hard to beat the dive in which we had 5 large tiger sharks circling us. The only event that could have beat it was the dive with the great hammerhead.  It took a while to coax it in, but we were treated to circling and gliding across the sand and passes overhead.

If you like hammerheads, check out my newest dive trip to Bimini – just for hammerheads.  Hammerhead Trip Jan 2015

shark chum tiger shark dive pole cam

I enjoyed meeting the new guests and welcoming back the repeat guests and friends.  I thank all of the guests and the boat crew for making this a wonderful success.


Read my 2014 Tiger Shark Expedition Report

“I would do this trip again in a heartbeat! What a great adventure and so much fun. The people, food, everything was great” – Cameron Russo   Read more guest comments

I have secured dates for the next tiger shark adventure – March 7 – 13th 2015  – though this trip is nearly filled,  I also am taking reservations for my 2016 Tiger Shark Expedition.  See www.TigerSharkDive.com  for details about this trip or check out all of my photo tours and safaris at www.GregorySweeney.com